Sound Fundamentals. Exceptional Results.


Using a thorough analytical approach, we evaluate each development opportunity in terms of its strategic position in the market, prospective cash flow, long-term value retention, existing debt and equity sources, and opportunity to create social and environmental value. We have the first-hand experience and fully integrated operating platform to guide a project from inception through completion. At Forstone Capital, we work in collaboration with our partners, government agencies, financial institutions, contractors, architects, and other consultants to execute our vision for the project.

Forstone Capital has established a competitive advantage in the marketplaces it operates in by embracing the following investment strategies:
  • Sourcing under-managed properties in smart growth locations and improving neighborhoods in need of repositioning, releasing or redevelopment.
  • Acquiring assets below ultra competitive institutional investment criteria and pricing thresholds.
  • Sourcing off-market opportunities through proprietary relationships.
  • Utilizing local market knowledge and networking to identify and capitalize on growth trends.

Through the experience and professional endeavors of its principals, Forstone Capital has developed strategic relationships among Connecticut's real estate, political, and business communities. These relationships help optimize our investment, development and operational opportunities.